Review of Gaash Nude Beach Near Tel Aviv, Israel

During our trip to Israel last spring, we had the opportunity to see one other bare beach in addition to the Dead Sea. (Ga'ash is technically the correct spelling, but online it's spelled with and minus the apostrophe.)
The unclothed beachgets its name from the nearby Kibbutz called Ga'ash. It's been known as an unofficial bare beach for many years, though I don't know exactly for how long. Additionally, it has a well-established reputation as a gay beach. When you hunt for Gaash Beach online, a few gay sites come up first with a little bit of (old) information about the nude beach and how to get there.
Jordan had been to this Kibbutz and playa quite a long time past. With his memory of the place and our GPS and smartphone maps, we figured we'd be able to locate it well enough. Well, that's not what happenedinstead we got very lost!
We were first under the erroneous supposition the sand would be easy to locate once we were in Kibbutz Ga'ash. The difficulty was, the place had shifted quite a bit and particular roads were blocked off due to building. So we stopped and asked for directions a few times. Still, we couldn't figure out how to get there. The little bit of advice we could find online was not helping either.
After driving into the next Kibbutz Shefayim and roaming through a shopping center, Jordan found a car driving off on a dirt road. On a hunch, he veered off the main road to follow it. After a few minutes of off-roadinglo and behold, we ended up at a strand parking lot! But would this lead us to the naked beach???
Gaash Beach entrance sign reading: "Hello to the pretty people. When you're done having fun at our beach, you must dispose of your junk in our trash bin which is found in the parking lot, to ensure we could all continue to love the clean sand."
We wouldn't understand until embarking on the winding sand course down to the playa / water. The beach here is located beneath towering sand cliffs all along the coastline. From up above this makes for a dramatic view of the Mediterranean Sea.
View of a boat on the Mediterranean Sea at Gaash Beach
Jordan walking the sand trail down to Gaash Beach
Down at the end of the path, we came onto the sand where some individuals and a family with children were hanging out in swimsuits. A sign to our left marked the start of an Unauthorized Swimming Zone free of lifeguard. We headed off into the "unauthorized" zone hoping to locate a nudie section.
"Unauthorized Swimming Zone" hint

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